Privcy Signature Campaign up to 0.01BTC / week Signature Campaign
Leaving no stone unturned PRiVCY aims to be the leading anonymous, private, & a secure coin development. In the name of anonymity, and privacy this is an ever-growing project.


-Campaign Starts on Wednesday, November 28, 2018
-Campaign will run 6 weeks (subject to change)
-Payments will be on Wednesdays by 15:00 EST
-10 slots open for each rank (40 spots in total)
-Must wear  Signature
-Must make At least 25 constructive posts/week (75 characters minimum)
-Maximum of 7 posts/day will be counted towards total post count
-If you do not make a minimum of 25 constructive posts/week, you may be removed from the Campaign
-If you change your signature during this Campaign, you will be disqualified and will not be -paid for your participation
-If you participate in any other Campaign during this one, you will be disqualified and not paid for your -participation

Posts in the following categories will not count towards this Campaign:
Games & Rounds, Investor-based Games, Lending, Auctions,  Off-topic, Archival, Local

I will be going over applicant’s posting history and will have my final selections by tuesday

Pay Rate

-Legendary/Hero .01BTC / week
-Sr. Member .0075BTC / week
-Full Member .005BTC / week
-Member .0025BTC / week

Campaign Link: